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Drug dog searching Alberta

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Narcotic dog searching Alberta

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Canine Drug/Controlled Substances Detection

We currently provide service within the Province of Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba and Western Canada.

Our Services

Canine Search Teams

Sniff It Out K9 Services Ltd and Fast K9 Services is able to meet all of your on-site detector dog needs. We design and execute canine searches based upon our years of law enforcement canine detector dog experience. We are able to provide service to all clients including:

Drug dog searching BC
* Over 30 Years Policing Experience
* Over 15 Years Dog Handling Experience
Industrial Clients, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing and Transportation
Government Clients
Private Clients
Drug/Controlled Substances Detection

It is rapidly becoming more common to use privately trained and handled Detector Dogs to support organizational drug or substance use policies in the workplace and publicly accessed areas. To be effective, minimize potential exposure to legal liability and provide value for dollars spent, private detector dog teams must possess several important characteristics.  Properly trained handlers and dogs is just the starting point.  Law enforcement dog handler experience, police service dog and handler training experience and recognized detector dog legal expertise is essential.

Service Oriented

We are specializing in offering quality canine search and evaluation capabilities. Sniff It Out K9 Services Ltd. and Fast K9 Services personnel possess extensive backgrounds as both operational RCMP Police Service Dog Handlers as well as extensive experience as RCMP Police Dog Trainers. Sniff It Out K9 Services Ltd and Fast K9 Services’ working dogs are either former qualified police service dogs or have been individually trained by Sniff It Out K9 Services and Fast K9 Services to the same standards as operational police service dogs.

Complete Service Package

 We design and conduct detector dog searches to meet unique client needs and to conform to client specific A&D policies.  Our service doesn’t end with a positive dog indication.  We use our law enforcement experience to assist your security staff with the follow up investigation.  Knowledge of current trends in controlled substance use, drug use paraphernalia, trends in concealment and detection avoidance, interview techniques, completion of proper reporting procedures to legally articulate/document findings and experience with union and employment concerns are just some of the ways we are providing assistance to our clients.

About US

Capabilities, Standards and Licensing

Sniff It Out K9 Services Ltd. and Fast K9 Services’ detector dogs are trained to work in many environments and situations which make them suitable for work in oilfield, commercial, industrial and residential applications. Dogs are trained to indicate a target odour through passive sit confirmation and are guaranteed to be reliable (No false or handler induced confirmations).  

Controlled substance imprinted odours include:

All dogs and handlers have undergone a validation/certification procedure administered by an internationally recognized Police Service Dog Expert (supporting documentation available upon request) which mirrors the standard used by the RCMP Police Dog Service.  Additionally, handlers are licensed under the new Alberta Security Services and Investigators Act, British Columbia Security Services Act and Manitoba Criminal Justice Private Investigators and Security Guards.

Legal Expertise

Sniff It Out K9 Services Ltd. and Fast K9 Services are able to fully back up any positive detector dog indication with years of law enforcement related experience and investigative ability.   We have been officially recognized as experts in the handling, deployment and training of Police Service Dogs by the Criminal Courts of Alberta.  We have extensive experience within the civil litigation legal process and we are able to effectively articulate both our actions as handlers as well as the actions of our detector dogs.  This experience and ability is an essential component of any professionally deployed detector dog service in today’s litigation conscious world.  It is also critical when interacting with Union Representatives in the workplace and is an essential component of properly articulating actions taken in supporting a Client’s Alcohol and Drug in the Workplace Policies.